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About Us

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS established Good as Gold Training in 1993 so you could make more money, be more successful and live the life you deserve!

The focus of our comprehensive training resource is:

• Responsible Entrepreneurship
• Responsible Management
• Responsible Recruiting
• Responsible Client Development
• Responsible Sales

Our approach to business and training is outside | in. We see our resources through the eyes of the people we serve. We regularly survey our clients so we can accomplish the following…

Create products and services that solve the issues that keep our clients up at night.

The top seven client requests to date include:

1. Comprehensive training

2. Repeatable processes and systems

3. Consistency and repetition

4. Accountability

5. Testing to prove retention of techniques

6. Live interaction

7. Updates and new trends

8. Training delivered in our office to alleviate travel expenses

All of our webbased training programs deliver on 100% of those requests.

It’s no coincidence that 100% of our clients have enjoyed increased sales and profits.


Sole Proprietors to Major International Franchises
New Owners to Tenured Owners with 20+ years of experience
Rookies to Million Dollar Producers

Why Barb Bruno vs. other trainers?

Barb has dedicated her life to the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. She has been a Top Producer for most of her career and owns a Successful Search and Contract Firm. She only teaches processes and strategies PROVEN and TESTED to provide results.

She has received numerous awards for the exemplary impact her training resources have had on the
Staffing and Recruiting Profession worldwide.

Her honors include:

Harold B. Nelson Award Highest National Honor awarded by NAPS
Hall of Fame NAPS – National Association of Personnel Services
Lincoln Award IAPS – Illinois Association of Personnel Services
Ancil T. Brown Award IAPS – Indiana Association of Personnel Services

She supports many philanthropic endeavors and was recently honored as a Woman of Merit.

Her NO BS Newsletter which is a bi-weekly training article is the most widely read web-based publication in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. She also regularly writes for 13 publications including her Ask Barb column in the Fordyce Forum and the Kennedy Report.

IF YOU HAVE A TRAINING PROGRAM We can provide you with more training horsepower!
IF YOU HAVE NO TRAINING We can become your training department

Barb has been referred to as an expert, guru, legend, visionary, leader, mentor and coach. She is caring, compassionate, energetic, no-nonsense and direct. Her strategies are easy to implement and will provide you with results!