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The Physician Recruiting Tutor is an enhanced version of the Top Producer Tutor which is Barb’s “brain dump.” Barb partnered with Bob Eskridge who is an expert in Physician Recruiting and he added materials targeted at this niche. This teaches an individual to become a responsible and successful Physician Recruiter. There are three levels to this program Owner – Manager – Student. The Owner and Manager have a daily management guide and can view the actions, notes and test results of participants. Owners can add events and content.

In addition to the core program, each week individuals also receive legal, sales and technology training to enhance their knowledge and skills. There are also over 300 recorded Webinars in the Library on hot topics. These programs can be watched or downloaded on an MP3 player if a person prefers to listen to the training.

Physician Recruiting Tutor Index

Day One - Introduction, Attitude & Getting Started
Day Two - Closing Skills, Recruiting Scripts
Day Three - Objections, Recruiting Calls
Day Four - Identifying Sources, Art of Interviewing
Day Five - Ten Interview Questions, Creative Methods
Day Six - Candidate Rapport/WIIFM/Interview/Observe
Day Seven - Close “NO” on Money 1 & 2/Typical Interview Questions
Day Eight - Matching 1 & 2/Improve Presentation Skills/Legal Training
Day Nine - Reference Checks 1 & 2/Maintain Contact with Reference checks/Sales Training
Day Ten - Competition, Prep Training Part 1 of 2 & Week 2 Test Description
Day Eleven - Prep Part 2, Benefits of a Feedback & Proper Prep Description
Day Twelve - Candidate De-Brief Part 1 and 2, Lead Book & Technology Training Description Manager Summary
Day Thirteen - Track Leads and Retain Information Part 1 and 2, Become an Expert Listener, Legal Training
Day Fourteen - Build Lasting Relationships, Word-of-Mouth Advertising, Sales Training
Day Fifteen - Attain Balance Part 1 and 2, Sell Placement, Week 3 Test
Day Sixteen - Attain Goals Part 3, Ratios Part 1 and 2 & Predict Production
Day Seventeen - Desk Profit or Loss Center, Distractions, Technology Training
Day Eighteen - Steps to Focus, Improve Presentation Legal Training
Day Nineteen - Prime Time Priorities, Prospects to Customers Sales Training
Day Twenty - Producers Parts 1 and 2, Week 4 Test
Day Twenty-One - Offer Part 1 and 2, Never Recruit for One Specific Job, Reference Checks
Day Twenty-Two - Prepare for Marketing Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Twenty-Three - Send-Out Steps 1-12 Legal Training
Day Twenty-Four - Become a Benefits Expert Part 1 and 2 Sales Training
Day Twenty-Five - Reason for No-Shows, Solutions for No-Shows Week 5 Test
Day Twenty-Six - Counter-Offers Part 1 and 2, Solutions for Counter-Offers Description
Day Twenty-Seven - No Shows with Client–Reasons, Solution for No Shows – Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Twenty-Eight - No Starts and Offer Rejects – Reasons, Solutions for No Starts and Offer Rejects – Part 1 and 2 Legal Training
Day Twenty-Nine - Increase Your Candidate Flow Part 1, 2, and 3 Sales Training
Day Thirty - The Importance of “Change”, Become a “Change Agent” Week 6 Test
Day Thirty-One - Advanced Networking – Techniques 1 - 6, Perception IS Reality!
Day Thirty-Two - Courtesy Interview Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Thirty-Three - Swallow the Biggest Frog – First, How Dedicated Are You? Legal Training
Day Thirty-Four - Advanced Negotiating Skills Part 1 and 2 Sales Training
Day Thirty-Five - Developing Your Potential, Know Your Hot Job Orders Inside and Out Week 7 Test
Day Thirty-Six - Time Management Part 1, 2 and 3
Day Thirty-Seven - Behavioral Based Interviews Part 1 and 2 and Technology Training
Day Thirty-Eight - Mastering the Game of "Wealth” Part 1 and 2 Legal Training
Day Thirty-Nine - Evaluate your Progress Part 1 and 2 Sales Training
Day Forty - Building a Profitable Territory Part 1 and 2, Key Account – Eight Criteria Week 8 Test
Day Forty-One - Process to Identify Top 30 Accounts Part 1 and 2; Compose Questions to Build a Profitable Territory
Day Forty-Two - How to Generate a Fillable Job Order Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Forty-Three - Vital Questions When Taking Job Orders, Marketing Scripts Part 1 Legal Training
Day Forty-Four - Marketing, Marketing Scripts Part 2 Sales Training
Day Forty-Five - Objectives of Marketing, Marketing Scripts Part 3 Week 9 Test
Day Forty-Six - Marketing Utilizing an MPC, Criteria of an MPC, MPC Presentation Form
Day Forty-Seven - Client’s Pet Peeves Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Forty-Eight - Marketing Call Review, Develop Client Relationship, Unique Marketing Presentation Part 1 Legal Training
Day Forty-Nine - Customize your Service to Meet the Needs of Your Clients, Unique Marketing Presentations Part 2 Sales Training
Day Fifty - Client Preferences, Listening Habits Week 10 Test
Day Fifty-One - The importance of FOCUS, Specialization, Marketing Scripts
Day Fifty-Two - Client Prep, Who Do You De-brief First? Technology Training
Day Fifty-Three - Additional Marketing Techniques, Getting Past the Gatekeeper Legal Training
Day Fifty-Four - Verbal Feedback, Marketing Scripts Sales Training
Day Fifty-Five - Presentation on Existing Job Orders (POEJO’S), Interview Times Ensure Send-Outs Week 11 Test
Day Fifty-Six - The Importance of Research, Successful Marketing Impacts Your Income
Day Fifty-Seven - Hint to prevent you from Wasting Time Client Rapport – Part 1 Technology Training
Day Fifty-Eight - Client Rapport Part 2 and 3 Legal Training
Day Fifty-Nine - Client Visit, Advantages of the Client Visit Sales Training
Day Sixty - Overcoming the Ten Most Common Client Objections Part 1 and 2 Week 12 Test
Day Sixty-One - The Three Keys to Sales Success, Figuring Out Your Personal Ratios, Predict Your Income
Day Sixty-Two - Results Oriented Activity Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Sixty-Three - Are You a True Sales Professional? Seasonal Objections
Day Sixty-Four - Getting to the Next Level – Part 1 and 2
Day Sixty-Five - Time Management – Recruiting, Time Management – Marketing
Day Sixty-Six - Increase your Recruiting Hits Part 1, 2 and 3
Day Sixty-Seven - Systems Make the Difference Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Sixty-Eight - Innovations to Provide Better Results Part 1 and 2 Legal Training
Day Sixty-Nine - Matching Advanced Skills – Part 1 and 2 - Sales Training
Day Seventy - How to Retain Optimism Part 1 and 2 Week 14 Test
Day Seventy-One - Advanced Negotiating Skills Part 1, 2 and 3
Day Seventy-Two - Advanced Closing Skills Part 1 and 2 Technology Training
Day Seventy-Three - Establishing a Lifelong Relationship, Become More Consultative for Clients Legal Training
Day Seventy-Four - Advanced Candidate Rapport, Advanced Client Rapport Sales Training
Day Seventy-Five - Effective Networking for Busy Recruiters, How to Profit from Networking Week 15 Test
Day Seventy-Six - How Do You Attain Excellence? Develop Personal Drive, Become More Effective
Day Seventy-Seven - Get Motivated to Get Organized Technology Training
Day Seventy-Eight - Top 15 Money Making Tips Legal Training
Day Seventy-Nine - Choosing Priorities, Reducing Stress Sales Training
Day Eighty - It’s all about YOU! What’s next? Week 16 Test