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This course is the result of requests from the Owners and Managers who utilized the Top Producer Tutor program, and wanted a tutor that addressed management issues most important to them. The topics included in this course were suggested by our clients and then we added an additional eight programs. This course is a MUST HAVE for new managers as well as seasoned managers who want to manage more effectively while increasing sales and profits.

Strategic Management Tutor Index

Week One - How to Work a Desk and Manage
Week Two - Dramatically Reduce Problem Areas
Week Three - How to Integrate Sr. and Jr. Recruiters
Week Four - Ten Effective Management Techniques
Week Five - Effective Leadership Skills
Week Six - How to Retain Top Producers
Week Seven - How to Manage Managers
Week Eight - Understand the Six Greatest Fears
Week Nine - Eliminate Slumps
Week Ten - Bring Out the Best in your Sales Team
Week Eleven - Create a Motivating Environment
Week Twelve - Importance of FOCUS
Week Thirteen - Time Wasters and Solutions
Week Fourteen - Rebuilding your Sales Team
Week Fifteen - Delegate or Fail
Week Sixteen - Attract and Hire Top Producers
Week Seventeen - Jump Start New Hires
Week Eighteen - The 80/20 Rule
Week Nineteen - Create TOMA (top of mind awareness)
Week Twenty - Ratios and Personal Statistics
Week Twenty-One - Contests that Work
Week Twenty-Two - Effective Performance Reviews
Week Twenty-Three - Expect and Handle Storms
Week Twenty-Four - Individually Motivate and Manage
Week Twenty-Five - Goals and Financial Conditioning
Week Twenty-Six - Negotiate to WIN