Looking to Achieve higher sales, profits and income?

Follow a proven staffing and recruiting training system
that teaches the habits and techniques of today's big billers.


This 26-week course can be counted on to effectively train new hires and motivate your existing outside Account Executives by providing a proven systematic approach to secure new clients.

This program is a non-nonsense approach to achieve or surpass sales goals set.

The Sales Tutor Index

Week One - Your Role as a Sales Executive
Week Two - Writing & Signing Goals
Week Three - Building Your Network
Week Four - Attaining Excellence In Sales
Week Five - Your Territory & Ideal Client
Week Six - Marketing & Technology
Week Seven - Time Management
Week Eight - Step 1 - Prospecting
Week Nine - Step 2 - Qualifying Your Prospects
Week Ten - Successful Sales Meetings
Week Eleven - Sales Reporting
Week Twelve - Step 3 - Finding Your Customer’s Need
Week Thirteen - Gaining Client Agreement
Week Fourteen - Step 4 - Finding The Money
Week Fifteen - Buying Influences
Week Sixteen - Step 5 - Presenting Your Solution
Week Seventeen - Letter of Understanding/Proposal
Week Eighteen - Handling Objections
Week Nineteen - Step 6 - Closing the Deal
Week Twenty - Negotiating
Week Twenty-One - Customer Care & Referrals
Week Twenty-Two - Sales Skills – Leadership, Optimism & Drive To Succeed
Week Twenty-Three - Sales Skills – Listening, Communication, Questioning
Week Twenty-Four - Sales Skills - First Impressions & Sales Presentations
Week Twenty-Five - Sales Skills - Building Rapport & Selling Yourself
Week Twenty-Six - Sales Skills - Tools of the Trade!