Looking to Achieve higher sales, profits and income?

Follow a proven staffing and recruiting training system
that teaches the habits and techniques of today's big billers.


We provide you with a step-by-step process of the important decisions and steps you will need to make in order to set up a profitable business in the shortest time frame possible. We are here to guide and mentor you and most importantly help
you achieve goals you set.

Resources included:

24 Lesson Start Up Tutor - show you how to set up your business properly
80 day Top Producer Tutor - teaches you the professionand provide support IM and 6 live calls monthly
16 week Temp & Contract Tutor - teaches you the staffing business
Website - created and hosted for 1 year – including 5 email addresses
Mobile Site - created and hosted for 1 year
Forms Product - all the forms you need to start your business
Happy Candidates Career Portal - for job seekers you don’t place
Professional Certification - training materials and online exam
Back Office and Funding - we will refer you to companies who will fund your contractand temp employees

Start Up Tutor Index

Lesson One – Entity Structuring
Lesson Two – Exit Strategy
Lesson Three – The Importance of a Trust
Lesson Four – Vision & Mission
Lesson Five – Office or Virtual
Lesson Six – Business Model/Structure of your Office
Lesson Seven – Funding
Lesson Eight – Revenue Generating Strategies
Lesson Nine – Tactics and Action Items
Lesson Ten – Domain Name & Website
Lesson Eleven – SEO & On Line Reputation Management
Lesson Twelve – Equipment/Resources
Lesson Thirteen – Market Study, Surveys
Lesson Fourteen – Basics, Research & Training
Lesson Fifteen – Financial & Corporate Records
Lesson Sixteen – Systems
Lesson Seventeen – Niche & Targets
Lesson Eighteen – Impact of Social Media
Lesson Nineteen – Desk Set Up
Lesson Twenty – Create Job Descriptions
Lesson Twenty-One – Budget/Compensation
Lesson Twenty-Two – Metrics & Minimum Performance Standards
Lesson Twenty-Three – Identify, Hire and Motivate Sales Team
Lesson Twenty-Four – Best Use of Your Time