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Temp and Contract Tutor

There are certain topics that are pertinent to individuals involved in contract or temporary staffing, but not necessarily to those recruiters only involved in direct placement. These are the topics addressed in the 16 week Temp and Contract Tutor.

Temp and Contract Tutor Index

Week One – Introduction and Terminology
Week Two – Interviewing and MPC’s
Week Three – Profitability
Week Four – Top Talent
Week Five – Powerful Candidate Resumes
Week Six – Compensation and Negotiating
Week Seven – Taking The Job Order
Week Eight – Quality Control
Week Nine – Customer Service That Excels
Week Ten – The Art Of Time Management
Week Eleven – Troubleshooting
Week Twelve – Referrals for Recruiting Top Temp Talent
Week Thirteen – Overcoming Common Temp Objections
Week Fourteen – Choreographing Client Visits
Week Fifteen – Voicemail That Triggers Temp Sales
Week Sixteen – Building Temp Loyalty