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We have just recently invested in your Top Producer Tutor Training Program. In my 34 years in the staffing industry, this is the first training program that got me excited enough to make the investment.

When you spoke with our NISA group in Dallas, I was so motivated and impressed with how well you presented yourself and your knowledge of the staffing industry, that I immediately came back to my office and presented this great opportunity to my team. They also got very excited, made the commitment and are looking forward to learning with the Top Producer Tutor and the Temp and Contract Tutor online training programs.

Your energy is contagious and we are looking forward to learning with you. Thank you. We are eager to take advantage of the Teleconferences, Coaching Calls, Library and Training Webinars that are all included in our package!

Tammy Wilson, CPC, CTS
Sesame Temps, Inc.

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Barb Bruno and Good as Gold Training products. I have witnessed tremendous growth in communication, negotiation, time management and industry knowledge from our recruiters who experience the Top Producer Tutor program. We initially hired Barb and her team to take the burden of training off of our managers and while we achieved this goal the added benefit was the professional growth of our recruiting staff. If you are looking for a way to provide "top quality" training that is cost effective and actually works – Top Producer Tutor is the program for you! Thank you Barb for wrapping all your experience and talent into a package that is scalable, flexible, productive and worth every penny!

Threase A. Baker, CSP, TSC
ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.


Barb completely rocked Houston once again. Her event was extremely well attended and received by the initial feedback we are receiving. She was amazing once again as Emcee of our Banquet and we have received tons of feedback that is was perhaps our best Awards Banquet to date.

Kevin Rogers, CPC, CTS
Vice President of Sales & Client Services
United Global Solutions


It is without hesitation that I recommend Barb Bruno and her recruiter training programs to anyone looking increase their personal performance and that of their organization. I have attended several of Barb’s training sessions and have found them to be practical, to the point, and above all, directly related to improved performance when applied.

Barb’s flexibility to customize her teachings to address specific organizational or individual needs is remarkable.

Douglas Ward
Managing Director
Specialized Recruiting Group


I just want to let you that I look forward to reading your newsletter every time it arrives. I just love your expertise, candidness and sense of humor. Hats off to you! As a recruiter in the staffing industry for the past 17 years, I truly look up to you! I have had the privilege to meet you in-person once and I hope that our paths may cross in the future. Thank you for taking the time to write the newsletter and share with others!

Nyra Lind
Account Coordinator
ABR Employment Services